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We will always send you extra leads to make up for any that may be eligible for a refund (non-working number, etc). This is usually around 10% of your order. Excludes promos/coupons.

What is your refund policy?

Feel free to submit a form on this page, or send us an email at

How can I contact you?

All leads are sent via email with an attached form that the client filled out. Leads are also added to a Google spreadsheet. Text is also available for SUPREME & UNTOUCHABLE LEADS.

How do I receive my leads?

We use a variation of platforms to generate these leads. These would include Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Google, TikTok and LinkedIn.

How are these leads generated?

Most orders take between 5-10 days. For larger orders (40+), expect between 10-17 days depending on the area & lead type.

What is the turnaround time?

There are 2 options available:
-Statewide Campaign
-Zip code/Radius

How do you target?

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100%exclusive final expense leads.png

The reliable lead for every insurance agent.

Our PREMIER LEADS are your standard go-to FEX Lead. With 8 different questions, all visitors must go through a 4 step process where they can close out the form at any time.

Once they fill out all of their information, they are asked one more time if they would like to submit the form to an agent. They must click SUBMIT before you receive the lead.

These leads tend to have a general booking ratio of 50% if called immediately upon receiving them.

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100%exclusive final expense leads.png

For agents who want a higher close rate.

Eager to close more deals? This lead might be for you.

We ask each person that opens the form 10 questions and an introduction that mentions the importance of having Burial Coverage.

Each lead must also go through a 4 step process, filling out questions and clicking "next" before they are brought to the final submit page.

100%exclusive final expense leads (2).png
100%exclusive final expense leads.png

The best FEX lead out there.

Our untouchable leads have 12 different questions and can take up to 10+ minutes to complete.

These leads will also go through a 4-step process with the option to opt out at any time, along with the introductory disclaimer stating that this is for Burial Insurance.

Each lead must also opt-in to receiving calls/texts from a Licensed Agent.

Each lead receives an email with a personalized e-mail sent from each agent with their license information and photo. In the e-mail it gives them the option to call/text, e-mail, or book an appointment to speak with you regarding Burial Coverage.

100%exclusive final expense leads (2).png
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